How Lime Crime Became The Makeup Brand For Millennials

Before Lime Crime came around, most makeup brands relied on sleek, sophisticated and minimalist branding that was intended to appeal to a wide range of tastes and ages. Then Doe Deere launched Lime Crime in 2008 and shook things up, and the world of cosmetics hasn’t been the same since.


Now almost ten years old, Doe Deere’s bright and colorful makeup line has an Instagram following in the millions and the approval of even the most particular beauty bloggers. The secret to the brand’s success has as much to do with its unique and effective cosmetic products as it does its distinctive branding.


For instance, the company’s e-commerce website looks like the diary of a teenage girl, decorated with stickers of unicorns and colorful and glittery designs. While this imagery has proven to be a huge success, attempting to appeal to such a specific niche was an enormous risk back in 2008 when Deere founded the company. She had made the bold decision to create a brand that was true to her own unique aesthetic of dreamy make-believe and intensely bright colors, and she refused to compromise her vision.


Needless to say, sticking to her unique aesthetic paid off. The company has earned an incredible amount of revenue and many makeup brands are actually copying her unique style.


Millennials especially have latched onto Deere and her company, giving into their wildest colorful imaginations each time they purchase one of Lime Crime’s dreamy products. For instance, a lipstick line called “Diamond Crushers” promises in its product description to make you sparkle like “a fairy on acid.”


Fortunately for the company, the quality of the products live up to the hype. While the “Unicorn Lipsticks” line may first appeal to customers because of its pink metallic unicorn packaging, buyers quickly discover that the lipstick itself is in fact a superior product. Devoted fans of the brand collect Lime Crime’s products with pride.


By staying true to its founder’s own personal aesthetic, Lime Crime has become perhaps the most popular cosmetics brand for millennials who wish to give into the whimsical imagination of bright colors and cute animals. With giant stores like Urban Outfitters now stocking the brand’s products, clearly the company isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Check out more examples on Tumblr, to see what Lime Crime looks you can emulate.


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